This tiny new camera can rival the DSLR

The essence of photography lies in imaging an object in great details and photographers, all over the world, are looking for compact cameras with ultra-wide view lenses and high pixel resolution for that purpose. High resolution wide angle viewing is an essential requirement of photographing a crime scene. When you use a camera with ultra-wide lens, it will simply help you immerse you in the scene and will deliver perfect and glam reflection of the any object.

Researchers at the University of California-San Diego are working to find out a tiny camera that can boost up the details and the viewing field of the Smartphone cameras. In a scientific paper that is to be presented at the annual meeting of the Optical Society of America; Joseph Ford, who happen to be a professor in the university’s Jacob School of Engineering, described the basic principles of the system that is in the offing.
According to him, the system will be available soon. This will have a resolution of 85 megapixels and a viewing field of 120 degrees with f/2 aperture. With these entire features, the camera will look like the size of a walnut!

The miniature camera uses homocentric lens made of perfectly rounded, concentric glass shells arranged for taking images with great details, minus the usual distortion of the fisheye lenses. In past the homocentric lenses were unable to pass on the detailed optical information to the electric sensors. As per Professor Ford, this problem was solved in the present system by connecting the lens to the image sensor with fiber optic cables. For making perfect alignment with the surface of the lens, these cables are finely polished into a curve at one end. Funded by the Defense Department, the present system can also be highly useful for unmanned combat vehicles.