List of Companies That Support Israel [BDS List Updated 2024]


An armed conflict has been taking place between Hamas (a resistance group in Gaza) and Israel since 7th October 2023. As of now, 23,469 civilians have been killed including children and 59,604 injured in Israeli Strikes on Gaza since the start of this conflict, according to the Health Ministry of Gaza.

Due to the mass killings and genocide by Israel, BDS movement is getting famous among netizens and Palestinian supporters from all around the world.

In this article, we are going to share a list of companies that support Israel. However, before we discuss what companies supporting Israel, we will shed light on what is BDS and their agenda.

What is BDS?

BDS means Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. It is a Palestinian led movement for freedom, justice and equality. According to the BDS National Committee (BNC), BDS upholds the simple principle that Palestinians hold the same human rights as the rest of the humanity.

Recently, South Africa moved to International Court of Justice against Israel involved in mass killings and genocide of Gaza. The BDS movement is getting further stronger and people around the world are actively boycotting the companies that support Israel and pressuring these companies to stop aiding the country involved in Genocide.

Now, let’s explore what companies are supporting Israel?

List of Companies That Support Israel

List of Companies That Support Israel
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There are four segments of this list.

1. Consumer Boycott Targets

BDS movement has requested supporters to completely boycott the following brands carefully chosen due to their proven record of complicity in Israeli apartheid.

  1. AXA
  2. PUMA
  3. Carrefour
  4. HP
  5. Chevron
  6. Caltex
  7. Remax
  8. Ahava
  9. Texaco
  10. Siemens
  11. Sodastream

2. Pressure Targets

The BDS movement also request the supporters to build pressure campaigns against the following companies. They also urge the supporters to use alternatives, do lobbying, peaceful disruptions and build strong social media pressure.

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Airbnb
  4. com
  5. Expedia
  6. Disnep
  7. Teva

3. Divestment and Exclusion Targets

This is another list in which BDS Movement working to pressurize the governments, institutions and various constitutional and corporate bodies to exclude following companies from procurement and investment.

  1. Elbit Systems
  2. CAF
  3. Volvo
  4. CAT
  5. Barclays
  6. JCB
  7. Intel
  8. HD Hyundai
  9. Chevron
  10. TKH Security

4. Organic Boycott Targets

It is pertinent to mention that BDS movement didn’t ask supporters to boycott following companies. However, people started boycott campaigns organically against these food companies that support Israel.

  1. McDonalds
  2. Domino’s Pizza
  3. PizzaHut
  4. Papa John’s
  5. Burger King
  6. Starbucks
  7. Wix (Not a Food company)

Final Words

This list is growing as new companies and institutions are being added in the BDS Boycott list. It is pertinent to mention that BDS movement is using the historically proven and successful methods of targeted boycotts inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the Indian anti-colonial struggle and the US Civil Rights movements.

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