Bugs That Look Like Ticks


With fall fast approaching and the temperatures dropping, it is the right time to bid adieu to ticks for the winter. To them we say to not let the door hit them on their way out!

However, before we can enjoy that glorious day to the full, we probably will have to deal with many of them terrorizing our precious gardens and woods.

But, beware! It is not always the insects you think you know who are the culprits. Sometimes, bugs that look like ticks are the perpetrators who come for your tasty blood!

Relax, there is no need to be afraid. Not every tick in the world is out for your blood. Some are only harmless bugs that look like ticks. The real question is how you can tell them apart?

Well, you do not have to worry. Just continue reading below and you will know all that there is to know about bugs that look like ticks.

Identifying Bugs That Look Like Ticks

Bugs that Look Like Ticks

Here are a handful of sneaky pests that are good at coming off as ticks. However, with this guide, you will be able to tell them apart with ease!

1. Harlequin Cabbage Bug

If you are enthusiastic about cabbages and have your own cabbage garden, then it is highly probable that the harlequin cabbage bug has built a home there. This orange-and-black critter comes out usually during the summer and spring months.

While this particular bug that looks like a tick is fairly pleasant to look at, it is simply a nuisance to deal with when it invades the sanctity of your garden!

But, look on the bright side; it is only an ordinary bug!

Unlike ticks, which have eight legs, the harlequin cabbage bug has only six small legs. It also has two long antennae, which undisputedly, make it an insect.

If you do not want to run into this bug that looks like a tick and have cabbage with ease, then experts recommend that you mow your grass as frequently as possible. It is a good way of ensuring that the population of this bug is kept at bay, especially during the summer and spring months.

2. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

It is not possible to make a list of bugs that look like ticks and not include the brown marmorated stink bug. It is an invasive alien insect, which is native to several countries, such as Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan.

This one bug looks like a tick where its color and size is concerned but, this stinky brown pest has some distinguishing features too. One, it has six legs and possesses the ability to fly. Simply put, it is a flying stink-bomb!

Just like the harlequin cabbage bug, the marmorated stink bug can be a real bummer when it comes to crops and plants.

3. Head Louse

Congratulations! Here is another bug that looks like a tick but, is not actually a tick. Wait, is that something to be happy about?

A head louse is a truly vile pest! It makes itself at home in your healthy and luscious hair, and then feeds off of your scalp. What happens then? Your hair turns into an itchy mess for weeks at end, maybe even years. Talk about a freeloader.

Despite the fact that bugs that look like ticks and ticks themselves are completely awful, these two blood-suckers do differ significantly. Lice have only six legs, as compared to ticks, which have eight. Moreover, where ticks are known for transferring diseases to its hosts, these pests do not share the same trait. Thank God!

When you compare louse to ticks, you will realize that they are what we call the lesser of two evils.

4. Common Weevil

A weevil is a little brown fella, which has to be one of the least harmless bug that looks like a tick. It has six legs along with three body regions.

If you look closely, you will also see a stubby pair of antennae, which makes it a significantly different critter as compared to a tick. If you don’t believe it, get a microscope and get looking.

However, if you want to compare further, pick any tick and notice that it has eight legs, as well as two body regions but, does not have any antennae.

5. Bed Bugs

How can a list be made on bugs that look like ticks that does not include bed bugs? This insect bears a lot of resemblance to a tick. However, what mostly sets it apart is the number of legs it has, which are six.

Beware! This little fella tends to hide inside your home. This bug looks like a tick but, is nothing like the bloodsuckers that prefer grassy and shady outdoor hideouts. Moreover, this pest looks a lot like a cockroach so, you know when to run!

6. Ash Plant Bug

The last on the list of bugs that look like ticks in this particular guide is the ash plant bug. This pest can easily be seen on the trees of Manitoba.

Because of its size to one, this insect can easily be mistaken for a tick. However, remember, it has a completely different end game. This bug that looks like a tick feeds on leaves of trees and tends to stay away from the blood of the innocent, animals and humans alike.

Remember, it is not enough to know only about bugs that look like ticks. You need to be way of ticks as well. Be sure to carry out ample research on ticks too, if you want to save yourself from infections, as well as chronic illnesses like Lyme disease.

There are many bugs that look like ticks but, are not part of the tick family at the end of the day. While these are harmless, there is nothing wrong with seeking out an exterminator just to be sure.

Knowing the difference between bloodsuckers and harmless bugs will definitely save you some grief and anxiety. Stay safe!

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