Top 9 Social Issues in Philippines in 2024


Sadly but truly, no country in this era is free of problems. Even well developed countries like America are facing numerous social issues including serial killings and shootings in schools.

If such countries are not free from issues then why would you think that a country like the Philippines will be free of issues?

Some of the past years have been really difficult for the Philippines. The issues like target killing, social unrest, drug dealing, environmental pollution, and poverty are still a great concern.

It’s not like no one is trying to cope up with these issues, even the United Nations have played a considerable role in this regard. But still there are numerous issues in the Philippines that must be dealt with.

Top Social Issues In the Philippines in 2024

Top Social Issues in Philippines

The top social issues in Philippines in 2024 are considered to be as following:

1. Drug Addiction and Killings related to Drugs

It is unfortunate to realise that the government of the Philippines has failed in regard to keeping drugs away from the country. There is no doubt that the indulgence of drugs is getting high in each country. But the Philippines particularly seems to have no control over drug dealers.

The large involvement of youngsters in drugs have led to multiple killings in the past. Therefore, we are afraid to see even more drug related killings this year.

2. Attack on Journalists

It seems like the mafias in the Philippines have got full control. Many journalists taking stand against the government are attacked by pro-government supporters very often.

There have been significant attacks against journalists and no particular steps have been taken against this fascism.

Due to the non-serious response from the law and enforcement, it seems that the attacks on stand-taking journalists may continue in the Philippines in 2024.

3. Involuntary Disappearances

Some reports claim that there have been more than 2000 enforced disappearances in the Philippines since the 1970s. Very less of these people were recovered. Anyone who is ever recovered, they claim that they were actually kidnapped by none other than their own military.

Although, no one has been able to prove their allegations. This leads to no actual steps against supposed disappearances by the military. Thus, we dread to see enforced disappearances in 2024 in the Philippines.

4. Poverty

The rate of poverty is very high in the Philippines. The poverty rate has become significantly low after Marcos was elected as the President.

However, the poverty rate is very high. It is considered to grow even higher in 2024. The main reason that will lead to poverty in 2024 will be the unusual weather. The country is fighting hard against poverty but this unusual weather (i.e. El Nino) may cause the Philippines to lose their track.

5. Lack of Decent Homes

The people of the Philippines have had a tough time for so long. But from the past few years, the Philippines is becoming stronger economically. However, still a large number of people earn only 2 dollars per day. These kinds of people are never going to be able to build decent homes for themselves.

Almost 20 percent of the population of the Philippines live in slums. However, the government is trying to build a scheme to help the people build their homes. The problem still looks to stay for a while. And it is certainly not going to be resolved by the end of 2024.

6. Unfair Labour and Poor Human Rights

Most of the people working in the Philippines, work under extremely inhumane conditions and are charged extremely low compared to how much they work. This is because of less resources and jobs. People hardly get any job and thus end up working on low salaries.

Not only injustice in jobs and salaries, Philippines people also face human rights issues. These include: extrajudicial killings, degrading treatment or punishment and ill treatment by upper class on the lower class.

7. Poor Urban Planning and Traffic Problems

There is no proper urban planning in the Philippines. There are less proper roads, very less motorways, and the planning is really poor. This leads to heavy traffic and is a continuous problem for citizens.

8. Corruption

Like any other developing country, one of the major issues that the Philippines is facing is nothing but Corruption. The national to local and from local to provincial government, everywhere is full of corrupt people.

If we look back, even the former presidents have had multiple corruption cases on them. None of those cases are solved yet, making us believe that this problem will not be solved in 2024.

9. Health care Problems

There is almost no investing in public health care. Therefore, to get quality health care, still remains a challenge for most of the population. The poor are specifically and specially affected by the poor health care system. The government needs to work on the infrastructure of the healthcare system.

Wrapping Up

There are lots of other social issues in the Philippines. However, issues mentioned above are major ones.

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