Is the United States A Corporation?


The question of whether the United States is a corporation has been the subject of various conspiracy theories and misconceptions that are circulating online.

In this article, we are doing to address the often question. However, before we answer your question, we will need to know why people search “Is the United States A Corporation”?

4 Reasons Why People Consider United States A Corporation

Is the United States A Corporation

1. Conspiracy Theories

There are number of conspiracy theorists who propagate online that United States of America is not a federal republic or a democratic country. It is a corporation which is controlled by Elite. They often support their arguments with legal terminology and historic events.

2. Misterpretation of Legal Language

As mentioned earlier, there are various conspiracy theorists who consider USA is a corporation. They often present certain legal documents, use legal terminologies and cite various practices to support their arguments. However, some of them are not familiar with these legal terms so it cause confusion among netizens.

3. Distrust of Government

In a democratic country, there is always an opposition in the society who often criticize the government and institutional policies. These individuals in opposition depicts distrust on Governments so they opt this narrative that United States is not a democratic country rather a corporation which is secretly controlled by elites.

4. Lake of Civic Education

There is another major factor that greatly influence people to think that USA is a corporation, is the lake of civic education. They lack basic understating of basics of civics and overall government structure. This is where they got confused and opt this aforementioned narrative.

Is The United States A Corporation?

No, the United States of America is not a corporation. It is a federal republic with a democratic form of government.

It is important to that it was established by the U.S. Constitution and it is comprised of individual states. These individual states have their own governments. The federal government is divided into 3 branches:

  1. The Executive
  2. The Legislative
  3. The Judicial

Apart from that they are also various legal entities and organizations within the USA, are incorporated by law. Some are businesses while some are NGOs. While the country itself is not a corporation.

Apparently, the idea that the United States is a corporation is a misconception and it is often associated with various conspiracy theories that lack factual basis.

7 Key Differences Between a Country & Corporation

Here are some key differences that will help you understand that USA is not a corporation:

1. Nature of Entity

Corporation is a legal entity incorporated by a charter or law. Similarly, a country or federal republic is a form of government with semi-autonomous states that governs the entire nation.

2.  Purpose of Entity

The primary purpose of a corporation is typically involving in business activities, generate income / profits or engage in non-profit activities.

On the other hand, the purpose of government is to provide a framework for governance and establish a relationship between federal government and individual states.

3. Governance Structure

The corporations have hierarchical structure with its CEO, Board of directors, officers, executives, shareholders and members, depending upon the type of organization.

However, the governance structure of a federal government is different. The Federal Republics have a political structure with branches of governments i.e. executives, legislatives and judicial. All these branches work together to govern the country.

4. Legal Framework

Corporations operate under corporate law. While federal government operate under constitution.

5. Profit Vs Public Service

Corporations work to generate profit or maybe work as NGOs. However, federal republics are designed to serve the public interests.

6. Ownership Structure

In corporations, shareholders or members decide the owners of the entity. On the other hand, there is not ownership concept in federal republic. The citizens have rights and responsibilities within the political structure but they don’t own the country.

7. Duration

The duration of corporations can be unlimited or may be dissolved based on the decisions of owners or members.

 While in federal republics, they are typically intended to be enduring political entities, established through a constitution that outlines the framework for government.

Hope, this article has helped you understand about “is the United States a corporation or not?

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