How To Say For in Spanish?


Spanish is a romantic and passionate language.

If you’re a beginner and searching on how to say For in Spanish, then you’re at the page. You will not only learn the Spanish word “for” but also learn how to use for in the spanish sentences.

How To Say For in Spanish?

How To Say For in Spanish

There are two words in Spanish i.e. Para or Por, which are used instead of english word “for”. The use of Para or Por solely depends on the context. Here is a brief explanation of when to use each:

1. Para (For)

  • Indicates purpose or destination.
  • Used to express deadlines or specific times.
  • Shows recipient or intended recipient.
  • Example: “This gift is for you.” – “Este regalo es para ti.”

2. Por (For)

  • Represents cause, reason, or motivation.
  • Used for expressing duration of time.
  • Indicates means or mode of transportation.
  • Example: “I did it for you.” – “Lo hice por ti.”

Here are more 10 more examples of sentences in which Para / Por is used.

Examples of Para / Por in Spanish Sentences

Para Examples

I bought this book for you.
Compré este libro para ti.

I reserved a table for us at the restaurant.
Reservé una mesa para nosotros en el restaurante.

She works hard for her family.
Ella trabaja duro para su familia.

This tool is for fixing the car.
Esta herramienta es para arreglar el coche.

The package is for delivery tomorrow.
El paquete es para la entrega mañana.

I need to study for the exam.
Necesito estudiar para el examen.

They’re saving money for a vacation.
Están ahorrando dinero para unas vacaciones.

He sent a message for you.
Él envió un mensaje para ti.

She’s learning Spanish for her trip.
Ella está aprendiendo español para su viaje.

This gift is for your birthday.
Este regalo es para tu cumpleaños.

POR Examples

We’re going to the store for groceries.
Vamos a la tienda por víveres.

I’ll do it for you.
Lo haré por ti.

He’s known for his generosity.
Él es conocido por su generosidad.

They traveled for three days straight.
Viajaron por tres días seguidos.

I work out for my health.
Hago ejercicio por mi salud.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this article is helpful in learning how to say for in Spanish. Similarly, you have learnt how to use Para or Por in Spanish sentences.

Best of Luck 🙂