Pakistani Industries Can Now Get Registered on Amazon


The news is revealed and confirmed that now Amazon allows registration of the Pakistani businesses and industries.

Pakistan, on the other hand, compiled the list of all authorized sellers working in the areas of surgical goods, sports goods, and home textile d├ęcor and handed over to Amazon.

Amazon Registered 38 Leading Exporters of Pakistan

The e-commerce industry of Pakistan has now gotten another way to flourish and deepen its roots by the chances provided by Amazon for the country’s top exporters. Amazon, the US’s extensive and large e-commerce platform, put forward the offer and has now registered 38 leading exporters of Pakistan.

Everything said and clear in a meeting with the National e-commerce council that happened last week in which the adviser, Abdul Razzak Dawood, clarified about this arrangement to the PM while talking on Commerce and Investment. The meeting also showcased a short video in which a message shared by the Director-General of the World Trade Organization appreciating the e-commerce setup and policies of Pakistan.

It is just the beginning as per the sayings of the Abdul Razzak Dawood. He said that there would be many more exporters getting registered on Amazon, as the wait is just for the initial trial of the selected 38 companies to give success.

Pakistani Industries Can Now Get Registered on Amazon

As the COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything, esp. the economy and business sector are getting some alterations. But even in this scenario, the e-commerce keeps on capitalizing and is ready to avail new opportunities. It is all because of the case that people are nowadays stay only at their homes and are choosing digitals ways to get their essential daily activities done.

Moreover, Abdul Razzak Dawood mentioned and put lights on the progress and advancement made in the e-commerce policy since October of last year. The focal point of his words was to show everyone that both the public and private sectors have worked hard in executing the policy and making it a successful end.

The adviser was also very confident about the foreign exchange of the country and so that the Ministry of Commerce would keep on creating pavements for the merchants in exploring new markets and engaging on new levels. In the lights of these ideas, Pakistani sellers find it as a newly discovered opportunity and a breakthrough in the e-commerce sector after the registration on Amazon.

So, the outcome of the meeting is that the government wants to run trials of e-commerce in different ways, whether it is beneficial or not, and one of these is increasing cross-border trade.

Integration of FBR eCommerce Module

The reports suggest that there is already a regulatory framework established by the central bank to ensure cross-border Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce. This framework is going to be initiated and run once it gets integrated with the Federal Board of Revenues (FBR) e-commerce module.

In addition to that, according to the announcement made by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), e-commerce has now classified into different and separate sectors. Also, there are currently more initiatives for the promotion and growth of e-commerce in Pakistan. Hopefully, the country will see some ravishing results and outcomes.

Author: Sobiya