Top 10 Fastest Growing Trees in the World


Think of fastest growing trees, and the first thing that pops up in my mind is “nature” All green and lush with different sizes and shapes.

Some trees grow at a slower rate as compared to others, but when you look around, you will find that many trees expand in a short matter of time. You will see such plants or trees making observable changes in a week or two.

It is difficult to believe, but many trees and plants around the globe are fastest growing than you could ever imagine. They increase in height and become tall in a year. So, what exactly are those trees? Read the latter and know for yourself.

Top Ten Fastest Growing Trees in the World

1. Bamboo


Bamboo expands in its height very quickly. Because of its unbelievable growth span, it is used in making sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Bamboo can be easily replanted because of its incredible growth rate; only a single root-stock can give production of many horizontal shoots.

The shocking part is that some of its species can grow up to 10 centimetres in a single day, making it the fastest-growing tree.

2. Hybrid Poplar

The species of poplar are fast growing shade trees that can grow to a height at which a tree is ready for harvesting and use in the lumber industry as well. Amazingly, the hybrid poplar tree needs only a year to grow for about ten feet. Not as good as Bamboo, but still, the tree has gotten some potential.

3. Eastern Cottonwood

Eastern Cotton native to North America can grow incredibly in a year. In many areas, the tree can stand up to 10-15 feet per year and keeps on growing faster for a couple more years. After this phase, the tree keeps its pace and again grow for about 5 feet in a year continuing for a quarter of a century.

4. Red Delicious Apple Tree

There are more than 2,500 different species of apple trees cultivated in North America, but the red delicious tree is the most common one, maybe because of its mild flavor and long storage life. Red delicious is the fastest growing fruit tree with its height more than 24 inches per year.

5. Giant Sequoia

Fasting Growing Trees

The species of sequoia have another incredible point; they do not only are considered to be the fastest-growing trees in the world but also have a size just like a mammoth. They extend about 4-6 feet per year for around ten years.

After that, they gain an extra 2 feet per year for another 30 years. Additional to their height, sequoias increase in circumference every year.

Some researchers studied General Sherman Tree and found out that the tree had three inches around its girth in just 40 years.

6. Acacia


Acacia can be regarded as the fastest growing tree because one of its specie, when planted in Sabah and Malaysia, had got surprisingly 35 feet in a short span of 13 months, which is equal to one inch per day.

Further, Acacia grows in a tropical climate where there is an abundance of nutrition and heavy rainfall throughout the year, that’s the reason acacia has a continuous growth rate.

7. Loblolly Pine

Loblolly pine is mainly used for timber, based in America. The tree continues to spread its beauty and ravishing green appearance throughout the year.

The natural range of loblolly pine widespread in the southeastern United States. The tree is distinguished among the other fastest growing trees with its large and columnar trunk, broad bark, reddish-brown plates having pale green needles.

8. Zelkova

Zelkova grows in a vase-shaped manner having smooth gray bark and red to purple color leaves that look so appealing and give autumn vibes.

The tree has 50-60 feet height making it one of the fastest-growing trees. Zelkova can be adapted to different weather conditions and can withstand wind and drought.

9. Red Maple

Red Maple

Red maple grows in a size of about 40-60 feet with its attractive red flower buds and blooms in the spring season.

Towards the end of spring and in the fall season, the tree turns to brilliant red colored leaves. Some species like Red Sunset or Northwoods have a branching structure and subtle fall color.

10. Pin Oak

Sounds strange? But yes, this oak is the fastest growing tree with a size of 60-70 feet. Pin oak has a pyramidal shape and has fine branches.

The shiny green leaves can turn into russet, bronze, or red-colored leaves in the fall season. The tree can withstand scarce conditions like acidic soil.

So, why wait? Pick some for your backyard.

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Author: Sobiya