What is the Issue between Ukraine and Russia?


Ukraine was the mainstay of Soviet Union, until 1991, when in a referendum Ukraine voted for independence. This step of Ukraine was a red chime for Russia.

Later, when Soviet Union was dissolved, NATO started moving its hands towards the Eastern European Nations, within the communist orbit. NATO added the 3 Nations from the Soviet Baltic, in 2004.

Then Ukraine gets an endorsing cue from NATO to get its membership offer. After 4 years, it was declared publicly, that NATO has offered membership to Ukraine.

This declaration was an unnerve sitch for the failing superpower, Russia.

Ukraine Joining The Western Military Alliance

What is the Issue between Ukraine and Russia

The expansion of NATO around Russia was an empiric bluff. It was very clear by now that Ukraine is joining the Western Military Alliance. Putin expresses his views on Television that this Hostile Act of Ukraine is a dreadful ultimatum for the sovereignty and existence of Russia.

Previously, Putin had many times said that Culture wise, linguistically, and politically, Ukraine is a part of Russia. In July 2021, Putin has penned down a lengthy essay. He clearly stated that Ukraine is a friendly part of Russia, but West is manipulating Ukraine by forcefully changing its identity.

Russia was tightening its military grip and forces in the Ukrainian border from last year by sending tons of fully equipped soldiers. Russia’s attack at Ukraine has triggered acute combat between the Russia and Western Powers.

Ukrainian People & Poll Results

On the other hand, Ukraine has shown that its own sovereignty and existence matters and it’s not a “West Puppet”. At public level, many polls and referendums shown that 80% public of the Ukraine is more interested in US and European Alliance than being connected to Russia.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that Russia has no rights to restrict Ukraine from any kind of alliance to anyone. President further expresses that threat was existed from many years, and Ukraine is emotionally, militarily, and willingly prepared for the War.

Right after first attack by Russia, Zelensky made a direct address to the public and assured them that they will fight for their country till their last breath. He declared Martial Law on Urgent basis. Instead of getting offer to leave the country safely, Zelensky stays there. He has communicated with the West Leaders that they don’t need Plane to fly but they need weapons to fight.

In this panic and dreadful dilemma in the country, President is very active among his public and keep on posting videos in which he is encouraging his public to stay strong and show high resistance against Russia.

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