5 Ways to Personalize Your Advertising Campaigns on Social Media


Social media has emerged as the most effective tool for advertising different businesses. People are using social media platforms worldwide. There are different kinds of promotional campaigns that are being run on social media.

It has been observed that many businesses have earned huge number of customers through social media promotional campaigns. There has been immense increase in the social media users with the increase in iterant coverage. Research suggests that social media advertising will experience a significant increase by the percentage of 21%.

There are different types of advertising methods that have different base. One of the methods is advertisement through content that takes a lot of time in getting the output by incorporating WordPress SEO in it. Other methods include AdWords that is quite a complex method to learn and execute.

The one left with easy execution with effective results is the social media advertisement that is timeless. There is an instant response you get on social media. You can reach as many followers as you want. Unlike other methods, social media marketing does not involve wait for the content. You do not need to spend time on keywords.

You can run social media campaign every day without thinking about time or any other limiting constraint. Social media advertisement works more effectively than other campaigns because it involves human interaction.

People feel connected on social media. They spend their leisure time on social media and want to interact with new people. People look for content on social media that connects with them on personal level. They seek for brands that give importance to them.

In order to connect people with the relevant social media campaign in which they are interested in, it is recommended to do personalization on social media. Here we shall discuss a few of the ways to personalize your advertising campaign on social media.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Advertising Campaigns on Social Media

Ways to Personalize Your Advertising Campaigns on Social Media

1# Audience

Identification of target audience is the foremost step to do. Thoroughly study your target audience and identify their age group, location, gender, region and what are their interests.

It is important to sort out these questions first in order to launch a personalized social media campaign. After identification of target audience, the next step to do is the collection of data using the social media addressing tools.

Facebook is one of the social media platform from where you can collect relevant data that will benefit you in the long run. Through Facebook, you shall be able to know the people and pages who are followed by your audience.

In this way, you can connect to the people whom they follow so passionately to deliver a personalized content. In short, you need to put in all the collected data in your social media advertising campaign that will help you to personalized you campaign.

2# Retargeting

Retargeting is also an effective tools that you can implement for personalizing your social media campaign. Retargeting works in a way when a person visits your website, there are some cookies that are installed on site. Visitor accept the cookies and your website stores the information of the visitor for future use.

Afterwards use the cookies to in order to advertise on social media. By using cookies, you only post those things in front of the customers that he/she is interested in. It is easy to target a customer that already knows about your product instead of targeting an entirely new customer.

3# Social Proof

Social proof is a recommendation that a customer do after buying a product from your site or buying it from a physical store. Social proof is one of the most effective ways of advertising as people recommend the product after using it firsthand.

There are so many online and offline businesses that are using social proof tremendously as a way of advertising. You can consult the experts of your industry to review your product or business that will definitely be taken as an authentic review.

Similarly you can contact social media influencers to recommend your product to masses. Research suggests that about 88% of people on social media prefer the recommendations done by other social media users. You must have been observed that whenever you buy a new product, you first try to get maximum information about it by consulting your friends, family or colleagues.

You seek their suggestion and then do a final decision. In this way, recommendations drive maximum sales to your business. It is recommended to add genuine, credible and authentic reviews to your social media campaigns as social media users are smart enough to figure out the fake review.

4# Personalized Recommendation

There are several ecommerce (such as Bellucci Brass, an online clothing store in Pakistan) and entertainment sites that analyzes the user’s behavior on their site by checking their interests and preferences. On the basis of their analysis, these online sites recommended the content and product to the viewer.

That is why, you see most of the products on social media or online platforms that you do not even ask for.

If you have visited any ecommerce site and purchase a product, next time when you will visit the online store, it will recommended you similar kind of products based on your past experience. For instance if you have bought 440 repacking kit, you will receive same products ad next time when you will visit the site.

5# Quizzes

Quizzes and polls are considered as effective ways to assess the interests of the customer. It is a fun way to interact with customers. While designing a quiz or poll for your business, make sure that it is interactive and fun to play.

Quizzes and polls can give you a lot of information about your customers that otherwise you cannot figure out. You can devise a poll between two product prior designing to check that in which product people are most interested in or what they’re looking forward to. You can sue such information in creating a personalized social media campaigns.

Social media is there for you. Now it is up to you to use it maximum in the best interest of your business. It is the most powerful tool in the recent time so make best use of it by creating personalized social media campaigns.

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Author Bio: Sheikh Adil is a keynote speaker on social media strategy, LinkedIn marketing & social media marketing trainer, MediaHicon digital marketing author, and  MediaHicon SEO consultant for global organizations.