The Concept of Beauty in Different Cultures


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; that’s a famous quote that we listen to in our daily life. The adjective beautiful holds more meaning to it than you can imagine. Besides the physical aspect of beauty, it also means being beautiful on the outside and has a beautiful soul, smile, and character.

Beauty remains an elusive notion all around the cultures and what are the factors behind attractiveness. The concept of beauty in different cultures is varied because people recognize beauty differently. The standard concept of beauty is usually determined by cultural status, social acceptance, and suitability as a mate.

Culture plays an important role in our ideas of beauty because beauty in different countries varies. Moreover, the definitions of beauty in different cultures also vary, such as youthfulness is America’s beauty goal.

Meanwhile, flawless skin is considered the ideal beauty in Europe. Asian countries coveted fair skin. The concept of beauty for Brazilian people is the voluptuous figure, long bouncy hair, and tanned skin.

Similarly, beauty in other cultures is also different, like slender figure considers best in some parts of the world. The world has become more connective, and now people associate beauty with happiness and prosperity. Nowadays, in the east tall, fair, slender, having light eyes and light hair and Aryan features is the platinum standard for beauty.

Concept of Beauty in Different Cultures

The Concept of Beauty in Different Cultures
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Let’s dive into this article and see the beauty of different cultures in different countries.

Egyptian Beauty Culture

Egyptian use powdered coal to beautify their eyes and henna to give color to their lips and nails. They use a face pack made of olive oil, crushed cypress, and wax and left on the face for six days to reduce wrinkles.

Arab Culture

Arabs are conservative with cosmetics, but the use of kohl, henna, incense, aromatic, and perfumes are allowed and encouraged.

Greek – Cosmetic Surgery

For Greek people, cosmetics surgery is the concept of beauty, and for that purpose, they use makeup. Many products are being used to beautify the skin, hair, bodies, and nails.

Women use dyes and bleaches to beautify their hair, but it leads to severe hair damage and baldness. In Australia, cosmetic surgery trends are very common such as lasers, botox, micro-needling, tissue fillers, and similar ones, which are popular these days.

Besides, some other cosmetic surgeries are also popular such as chin surgeries, facelifts, neck lift surgeries, breast augmentation, and body lifts.

Asian And Korean Avoid Sun at all Cost

The concept of beauty in Asian and Korean countries is different as they avoid the sun just because they consider pale skin the sign of beauty and desirability.

Meanwhile, in the western world, women get the sunlight to get tan skin, but In Korea, tan is a less popular color. Therefore, they cover their faces and bodies even in the hottest months just to stay away from their skin from the sun. Some skin whitening skincare products are popular in these countries to get a fair complexion.

The Concept of Beauty in China

Long beautiful painted nails are considered a sign of beauty in China and Japan. Meanwhile, the Japanese use extreme beauty practices to paint their faces and bodies white. Moreover, they use wax coating for hair for appealing styles.

Myanmar- Elongated Necks

Some women in Myanmar and Thailand wear heavy brass rings around the necks for elongated necks. However, some people say it is just a myth that brass rings make the longer neck appearance. A longer neck makes it more attractive and a sign of beauty and wealth.

European Beauty Concept

European women plucked their hair one by one just for their natural hairline. The rounded foreheads and Bare eyebrows are considered beautiful and lovely by European women. They think Queen Elizabeth and the Mona List with their bare brows and high foreheads. Therefore, women fantasize about their looks and try to adopt this beauty trend.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the concept of beauty differs from one country to another. Beauty in different cultures and standards is an important part of the cultural landscape.

Beauty expectations in different countries and cultures have their own ideas and make women beautiful. Time and social conditions alter the trends, but the notion of beauty always remains powerful and unchanged.

Author: Sadia