Tesla Model Pi Smartphone Price, Specifications, and Release Date


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With more and more futuristic devices becoming the present and being available to everyone globally, there is no doubt the world will soon witness the next generation of smartphones.

The name of Tesla being attached to the rumored smartphone makes it less of a rumor and more of upcoming reality. Yes! You heard it right, Elon Musk, the father of EVs (electric vehicles), is coming up with some new cutting-edge technology in smartphones.

After mastering and excelling in the best and most technologically advanced electric cars, Tesla is all set to conquer the smartphone world by levelling up the smartphone market.

It is not only planning to conquer its Earth’s competitors but plans to connect the global citizens with other planets- Mars! It will be the first satellite smartphone that will be accessible to everyone.

What is the Tesla Model Pi?

Tesla Model Pi

The name for the Tesla smartphone being rumored is the Tesla Pi. It is a futuristic smartphone with cutting-edge, revolutionary technology that is said to reach Mars. There are many speculations and assumptions associated with this mobile.

Some of them seem too good to be true- but with Tesla being the harbinger of most advanced devices, you never know; the speculations may be true! The release of this smartphone will begin a new era of smartphones.

The mobile’s most stunning feature is that it can connect you to mars via satellite, making it the first satellite smartphone that people globally can use. Being a satellite phone makes it different from regular phones, which can have weak signals and even completely lose on signals.

What are the specifications of the Tesla Pi smartphone?

Tesla Pi smartphone is still not a reality, and there is no such news from the company as well. So to be exact about the features is not possible right now. We only have rumors and speculations running across the internet regarding the fantastic smartphone, which it will be.


Some features that we might witness in this supposedly soon coming smartphone include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor, which is the latest smartphone processor. If any advanced processor is designed by then, the smartphone might use that processor.


The display will surely be Super AMOLED with very high resolution (high value of PPI). The display will be very striking, and the color contrast might also be very high, making the pictures look crystal clear and realistic.


Memory is a critical specification for a mobile; Tesla Pi being a satellite smartphone, must be equipped with a lot of memory. It is speculated to have at least 2TB of flash storage, which is humongous for smartphones. But who knows, maybe there will be more of it!

Mobile Body

The mobile itself must have a futuristic look and look nothing short of stunning. A mobile with such advanced specifications should look likewise. The body of this gorgeous phone is also guessed to be unique with the ability to change color. The color change will be associated with its environment. That will be one eye-catching feature if it makes it to reality!


The camera of this smartphone is definitely not going to be like some ordinary smartphone. In fact, the camera of this advanced smartphone will be nowhere near the smartphone cameras we have been using up till now.

The camera is assumed to be a quad-camera which will be powerful enough to capture the Milky Way and experience space like never before. Won’t that be amazing, to be able to enjoy the allures of space and get awe-struck with the marvels!


The features do not end here. Rumors have been that this smartphone will be powered with solar energy making it a “green” phone. Going green is essential in this era with increased pollution, so every tiny step towards it will make a big difference.

Satellite Connection

The smartphone will be connected globally via Starlink and can be accessed from any part of the world, be it the most remote location on Earth.


One more advanced feature that is supposed to be a part of this state-of-the-art smartphone is the presence of Neuralink, which can make people control mobile features without even touching it! With Neuralink, you can connect your mind with the mobile and operate the smartphone through your mind. Isn’t this just mind-blowing!

Tesla Pi Model Price and release date

A power-packed smartphone with such unique features is bound to come with a huge price tag! There is no second doubt about it. The price of this mobile is not confirmed by any authority, but it is assumed to reach over $4000! That’s a huge price, but one cannot just complain about the price tag with such features in hand.

There is no official release date as of now. It was assumed that the mobile would be in the market by 2021. But since the year is officially over, we can only hope to enjoy this modernistic high-tech smartphone in 2022. But the technological advancements it is assumed to come with, the smartphone might take a few more years to come into being.


The Tesla Pi Model will be a revolutionary smartphone that will begin a new generation of some amazing smartphones. It will be the first satellite smartphone available globally, so it is sure to win many hearts. Get ready to not only get connected globally but to Mars with this cutting-edge, ultra-modern satellite smartphone.

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