Ceramic artists inspired by nature and nature inspired crafts

A popular ceramic artist jennifer mccurdy has been functioning with ceramic for over almost thirty years, generating swirling statuaries stimulated by nature. She is living on Martha’s Winery; the potter struggles to create her effort replicate the attractiveness of existence that environs her.

What creates her new body of work exclusive and unique is that she lights the insides of her ceramic containers with 23 carat gold-plated leaf. The sculptural stuffs do not just imitate crusade, by eliminating little of earthen from the methods and totaling gold leaf, this one of the best porcelain sculpture artists provides the impression that they are shining from within. via mymodernmet

Gilded Magritte’s Vessel

Above: Gilded Coral Nest

Gilded Wheat Bowl

Gilded Butterfly Flame

Gilded Vortex Vessel

Gilded Coral Candle

Gilded Articulated Vortex

Gilded Wind Nest