25 stunning photos with reflections that will amaze you

Reflection photography is quite special and challenging as it requires grasping the angles, perspective and an artist’s eyes. These 25 photographs will show amazing reflection photos that can be clicked if you are attentive.

They are hard to click as they require you to see from a different point of view and instead of clicking any beautiful scene click on them instantly. You may have to click in various positions like upside-down to capture a beautiful photo, reflections can apply artistic and beautiful effects without Photoshop. Check this segment and view these beautiful reflections. via boredpanda

Image credits: Trey Ratcliff

Image credits: imgur

Image credits: Marc Hersch

Image credits: Miki Asai

Image credits: Michal Vitasek

Image credits: uccio78

Image credits: donyana.com

Image credits: Miki Asai

Image credits: David Marcu

Image credits: elessar91

Image credits: Diego Bardone

Image credits: Jacek Stefan

Image credits: Bruno Kolovrat

Image credits: Daniel Vine Garcia

Image credits: Marco Britto

Image credits: wtek79

Image credits: FW Stupidio

Image credits: Anil Tamer Yilmazz

Image credits: Nika Vera

Image credits: alcoholgifts.co.uk

Image credits: Paul Apal’kin

Image credits: Patty

Image credits: Toni Verdú Carbó

Image credits: Philip Cornish