Japanese Wrapping Cloth (Furoshiki), An Alternative To Store-made Shoes

Perfect fitting in store-made shoes is a far cry, while custom-made shoes cost too high for many. As a solution, Vibram, the Italian shoe maker and the famous military footwear firm, came up manufacturing Furoshiki shoes.

Furoshiki refers to a Japanese native wrapping cloth used for goods transport, and the practice first started in the Edo era when workers used the same for carrying clothing at public baths. Introduced by Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto, these Furoshiki shoes, needing no laces, wrap around the foot, earning the name, “fastening with velcro.” Also called the first wrapping sole, these shoes, appearing in five hues, cost $14 USD at the Vibram stores. via vibram.com | facebook | twitter | instagram (h/t: demilkedrocketnews24) | via boredpanda