Quitting Her Job And Sailing Around The World Along With A Cat

A former bartender of San Diego, California, Liz Clark, 34, started sailing around the world since 2006 using her Cal 40 sailboat, and recording her experiences. A 6-month old kitten called Amelia, which she rescued onboard, became her unfailing, sailing companion, enjoying sailing, fishing, hiking and walking on the beach.

Now, making the yacht called Swell her home, the cat feels assured of her safety getting acclimatized with the routines. Till now, they both have covered the western Mexican coast, Central America, and circling the South Pacific. Some photos illustrating their companionship cover the cat calmly and hopefully sitting beside Clark in the boat, and the cat peeping over the boat at the ocean while sailing. via swellvoyage.comInstagram | Facebook | via boredpanda