Remakes Of Classic Paintings Using Photo Cameras

Remakes have captured the whole world. Whether it is any song or movies, you will see makers coming up with same concept and story with few modifications. But here you are going to witness the remakes of the popular classic paintings.

The all time favorite art masterpieces from the West have been recreated by some talented art lovers using their photo cameras…..the only difference you will find in the images. From portraits by Vincent Van Gogh to Michelangelo’s Adam creation, you will find them here. Have a look at these beautiful captured recreations of the past and then give your own views. via | via boredpanda

Image credits: gebbs

Image credits: Jesse John Hunniford

Image credits: Alexandre Mury

Image credits: Juan de Ezcurra

Image credits: Tadao Cern | facebook

Image credits: Ewa Wiktoria Dyszlewicz

Image credits: unknown