Hilarious snaps of celebs onInvisible Bicycles

It is a fact that entertainment magazines do all they can to sell “Celebs are similar to us and they indulge in shopping, eating and even riding bikes!” headings to consumers. So, redditors try looking beyond one universal quality that stars have in a thread that has the apt title of Invisible Bicycles.

Dissimilar to the rest among us, these renowned figures have no need for pedaling any extensive vehicle since they look like they’re floating through the air. Obviously subreddit’s compilations of gravity-defying depictions are doctored. They are ingeniously Photo shopped paparazzi snap. via [Like Cool, reddit] | via mymodernmet

Brad Pitt

Russell Crowe

Albert Einstein

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Miley Cyrus

Jesse Eisenberg

LeBron James

Jared Leto

Leonardo DiCaprio

Al Roker

Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton

Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

Penn Badgley