Obama Administration is pathetic on NSA Spying

The New York Times board of the editors has shredded the Obama Administration by calling it ‘Pathetic’ on the basis of its defense and assurances on the revelation about the National; Security Agency. President Obama claimed of not having any classified information regarding this operation of spying on foreign global figures and leaders. Although, the White House and Democratic senators have accepted that they will review on the this matter of ongoing intelligent program. Obama said that over the last several years, they have seen that their capacity can develop and expand, and so he is initiating a review to ensure that they will do does not mean they will be necessarily doing it.

According to a recent editorial of the Times, the White House would be expanding disclosures of Americans who are spying on foreign leaders along with the countries they belong to and its citizens. The report was a gross mi of unsatisfying assurances. President Obama even clarified that he did not know that the spies have even tapped the German chancellor’s phone. Certain anonymous US officials talked in various reports which Obama found recently regarding the NSA operation that actually tapped the Chancellor Angela Markel’s phone, for more than ten years.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee agreed that President Obama had no awareness regarding Markel’s communications being tracked by the National Security Agency. The White now is also dealing with its fallout with NSA tracked calls of the inhabitants of Spain, France and other allies of The United States of America. Although, the New York Times did not buy this defensive comment of the White House which claimed that every country is spying on each other. According to the Times, this statement is not advocating enough to cover the security nuances of the NSA. via businessinsider