School teen shot multiple time while toilet papering neighbor’s house

A school kid was shot multiple times by a man based at Tennessee. The boy was shot while toilet papering his neighbor’s house. According to the police officials, a group of teenagers were found covering a neighborhood house with toilet papers. Dale Farris, the accused in this case claimed that he counted the paper rolls as a potential threat so to save the house, he shot one of the boys with pellets, multiple times. Some of the boys of the group were said to be the students of the Principal of Huntland School.

Investigators said that the teens were up to papering the yard of the Principal of Huntland School, Ken Bishop. He is the neighbor of the accused Mr. Farris. They live in Estill Springs.
The office spokesperson of Franklin’s County Sheriff said that the group of teens got at the yard of the Principal’s residence to cover the yard with toilet paper rolls. Dale Farris, on seeing this, came out with his pellet gun and shot one of the boys who were up with the action of rolling the yard. Mr. Farris is accused of firing two pellets on the 15 year old victim’s right foot, right palm, right thigh inner left knee, and the right side of his torso as reported by Times Free Press.

Farris is said to have been peppered on the valid ground since the teens were not standing on his property as further informed by the spokesperson.’
Huntland School Principal, Mr. Kent Bishop is said to have declined to press any charges against the prankster and his group of friends. He said he wants everyone to have a good time, but in a safety measured way. When the residents and their neighbors think that the neighborhood is getting vandalized or attacked by anyone, or in this case, any group, they should be summoning the enforcement instead of taking law in their heands. via dailymail