The killing bacterium

Nowadays it is not for any of us to have come to know about food contamination. We are all aware of it, and it does not bang our mind anymore as we all are used to it. Knowing the negative impact of adulteration in food, we seem to be barely bothered about it until it causes some serious health problem. Knowing that what kind of threat it may bring to our health and our regular life for a while, we don’t take any necessary step. But it is time for us to give us wake up calls unless it is too late for our life.

It is time, we better take precautions and do the needful as much as possible to stop the contamination in food. Well, in this regard Lebanese has also been facing this kind of severe food infectivity. Though, this food contagion issue that had stirred the common people was not unknown to the lab researchers. According to the website, Al-Akhbar samples of chicken bought from the market had undergone the test and came out assuring the presence of bacterium Campylobacter. This bacterium is known to be quite dangerous as it causes symptoms, which is more like salmonella infection. It is usually found in agriculture farms.

But the worst part related to this campylobacter bacterium is it causes diseases that are extremely harmful in the long run. The consequences of this infection can affect the brain and also nervous system. Besides this, blood infection, gum infection, diarrhoea can also be caused by it. It is more dangerous for children as their immunity system is weaker than adults and is more prone to get affected by any bacteria or virus attack. This bacterium is usually spread in many ways, such as by consuming half cooked chicken or other foods that are mixed with infected chicken, etc. Also by animals like dogs, cats and handling their filth the bacterium spreads. via