Kelly Brook’s Close Up without David McIntosh

Relationships are full of mysteries and when it is the case of the famous people then it has some other importance as well. People who are interested in the models and their personal affairs they may find something new to know about the model Kelly Brook who has denied from writing anything about her recent break-up. She has had a relationship with the Former finance David McIntosh but recently they have broken up but the reason is not disclosed by the model.

The gorgeous model’s instagram account has proved that they are no more in a relationship as she has cut off him from her images. But she refused to write a word about him in her recent book which is published in the market. She has mentioned her previous relationships in her book like she has written about Danny Cipriani and Jason Statham but not about David McIntosh. Her age is 34 years and she is requested to disclose her chemistry with the former finance but she denied from writing about him. Name of her book is Close Up which is about her personal secrets.

The publishers of the book have requested her to disclose the truth of her recent relationship with David McIntosh but she refused them immediately. Her beauty is not enough for her followers for loving her but her writing ability and her personal life is also very interesting and entertaining at the same time. If you want to know about her personal life in detail then you can go through her written book which is full of her real life stories. She reveals how she passes her life behind the camera and can be inspiration of many strugglers as well. To know more about the model and her book you need to click on the link. via dailymail