States and the percentages of the millionaires are pointed out

Map pointing is a known fact that we learned in our student lives. This link is another instance of the map pointing but in another way. Usually, we point out the map to signify the positions of the states and other points, but this link will show you the percentage of the rich people in the state in detail. This interesting map and its facts are very informative and entertaining at the same time. The unique subject of the map pointing is appreciable and important to know the economical situation of the states.

The inequality of wealth exists across the world, and it is nothing new as well. In this link, you get to see a map which shows the inequality of wealth in America. The map is coloured according to the wealth of the country, and you can clearly understand the wealth strength of various places. This uneven spread of economy in America is reflected in the link uniquely. The map focuses on the places where the millionaires stay. Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finance, the Census Bureau, and Nielsen-Claritas collected the data and according to the data the map is coloured.

The map is designed in a manner that shows the percentage of the natives who have the invisible property of at least 1million dollar. The percentage of the millionaires is reflected on the map, and according to this coloured map, you come to know that the smallest percentage of millionaires live in Mississippi. The Maryland and other parts of the state have a greater percentage of the millionaires, and the percentage is 7.7. The map is not only interestingly designed but also can make you understand about the position of the state. The states and their rich population can make you understand the uneven capital distribution. via businessinsider