Diplomatic sanctions passed by America

Mark Kirk and Bob Menendez have introduced a new bill named Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act. When the negotiation of Energy Program of Iran is going on then, White House wants not introduce any new sanction on Iran. This bill has 26 co-sponsors and that are consisted of democrats and republicans. This legislation was passed because Iran had defied the terms that had been imbedded in the interim agreement that was last held on Geneva. A further option was kept in mind that this legislation would come into picture if world strongest countries fail to map up an Iran nuclear program.
Iran prime Minister has taken up a strong decision in this situation by saying that if any sanctions are brought forward then it would dismiss the chances of any sort of new legitimate deals that would have otherwise taken place.

On the other hand America is of the view that any such new sanctions will surely put pressure on Iran regarding any sort of discrepancy that may creep in. They are of the view that this sanction scheme would surely force Iran to act good and they will surely be tightened at the meeting conducted. America is of the view that that Iran first blamed the administration however later on they blamed the administration for the sanctions. America is assured that Iran good act will surely help themselves to terminate their nuclear programs and these sanctions would surely bring up some sort of diplomatic resolution to the unrest that has been created.

A comprehensive list of the persons or rather the senators have been given to understand the fact that who are those persons who have played a pivotal role in bringing into existence these very new sanctions that have surely shaken up and traumatized Iranians by a huge effect that will take Iran a lot of effort to minimize. via businessinsider