Nelson Mandela and his background

Nelson Mandela is one of the known faces of the heroes who fight for the equality in this world. We know his tough fight for the equality, but very few of us know about his family background and his strength. He lost his father when he was only nine years old, and since then he was brought up by Jongintaba. But he escaped from Jongintaba when he was forced to do the arrange marriage. In his later life, he had three wives who were strong enough to be the support of his fight.

Nelson is a great believer in education, and he supports children and works for them. He has a fund for the children, and he has six children of his own. His fight against apartheid is not only inspiring but gives a great lesson to the world. His journey for equality is full of thrones, and he passed many days at the prison, and as a result, he got a very few chance to pass the time with his kids and wives. His first daughter passed away at the age of 9months only which is very tragic.

After that when they got the second daughter she was named as second Makazawie. He lost his son who was killed at the age of 25 in a car crash. At this tragic time, Mandela was locked in the prison and did not get the permission to attend the funeral of his son. Mandela was strong enough to express his believes about HIV, and he wanted to spread the awareness in the society. He divorced his wife Evelyn in the year of 1957. Then he married Winnie Madikizela in the year of 1958. He married his last wife when he was 80 years old, and the name of his third wife was Graca Machel. He stays at Qunu in these recent days. via whoswho