Engineer accused of spying did not have ‘authorized access’ to classified information, ‘shocked’ employer says

Qing Quentin Huang, a qualified marine engineer of Chinese origin was recently accused of spying classified information to foreign countries. Huang, who is 53 now, has received bachelor degree in engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1982, and further obtained his masters degree in marine hydrodynamics in 1985.

Before immigrating to Port Alberni, B.C in 2001, he was a citizen of Singapore where he worked in the shipbuilding industry. Huang licensed as an engineer in Ontario in 2004 and came to Waterdown, Ontario with the job of structural design appraisal engineer in Lloyd’s Register Canada, Burlington that has vital role in shipbuilding strategy of Canada.

Lloyd’s Register is a maritime classification society based in UK that provides risk management services to shipbuilding and other industries, as well, for designing and construction of larger ships. In Canada, they are also responsible for design and appraisal of the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships, or AOPS.

After a quick investigation that lasted for a few days, Qing Quentin Huang was arrested on the charge of spying, while attempting to pass on sensitive and classified information to the Chinese authorities. He was immediately suspended from the job without pay and if finally convicted, would be fired.
Mr. Bud Streeter, president of Lloyd’s Register Canada was shocked about this and revealed that Huang was working as a part of the design appraisal engineering team since 2006 and his role was to review drawings and approve marine designs and he was not involved in the classified works related to AOPS and had access to uncontrolled shipbuilding drawings only.

Qing Huang was listed as a director Smooth Sailing Naval Architecture Consulting Limited and his neighbors describe him as unsocial. While the authorities refrained from commenting on the motive, based on the investigation progress he does not seem to be trained spy.