E.U. Migrants denied of Aid by British Prime Minister

A disagreement of views with Britain & European Union has further enhanced due to London being strict on immigration access ahead of a possible mix among Romania and the beautiful city of Bulgaria.
Amidst public as well as political pressure, Mr. Prime Minister, David Cameron has taken strong decisions in respect of people of European Union who have come to claim certain benefits. All such benefits in respect of Housing Loans have been put on hold. Not only this, help in respect of unemployment also been withdrawn. He also added that if any such European Migrants were found to be sleeping or crying or begging, such persons will be banned from re-entering Britain for 12 months.

This plan of the Prime Minister is very well supported by his Deputy, Mr Clegg who belongs to Liberal democrats, who says that benefits would be lost on employment opportunities has been badly criticised by European labour commissioner since it has been cited as a potential risk by Britain.The stand taken by Mr. Prime Minister has been very serious in the sense that he had been appealing to those in Britain who are in a mood to maintain cordial relationship with European Union. His controversial comments have come just at the verge when Britain people are becoming jobless.

Mr. Prime Minister mainly opined regarding changes in the rules of Union immigrations that would be effective as on Jan 1, whereby people of Romania & Bulgaria will be given equal rights In European countries including Britain. The Prime Minister mainly blamed the previous labour Government for arousing this situation. He further stated that he would be working hard with other European countries to disallow entry of candidates from less developed to enter into developed countries. via bbc