Baby’s homecoming

The world is not purely out love and compassion; it still has its share of humanity showering over people who have been deprived of care, and affection of families. The Miami Children’s Museum had witnessed the unconditional love people still possess in their heart. The adoption event was a section of the national Adoption Day. That had set the lives of sixty-four children, as they got adopted by new families. It proves that there are still a lot of love people are harbouring within them in the time of violence, war and politics.

Those prevail over humankind and showing its dominant upper hand in the world at large. All the abandoned children got not only shelter but also a family to live with. There were children who were not physically fit, but destiny found their home. There were children of a mixed group of ages in the Miami-Dade and Monroe. This ceremony was considered as one of the sacred even ever. That is why adoption rituals were performed for each child separately. Children despite their disability were gladly adopted by their new families, which is nothing but instances of pure love.

Faith, a ten months old girl, who was born visually impaired, got adopted by her new mother, Patrice Bolden. Among a lot of other children, there was the eleven years old boy who wanted to get a family to love and be loved. On that day, he also found his new parents to begin a new life ahead. All the people who adopted children overlooking their disability made a mark to be looked for in the generation to come. Adoption is itself a noble choice and they certainly made it more sacred and selfless. Adopting children means welcoming them to their new families, parents and relatives and letting a new hope shine in their horizon. via motherhood101