The feeling of being black

No matter how much we talk about gender equity, racism and unity of all human beings in our long speeches or on the social media, the colour of our skin depict the story. It still has that dominant command over the classification taking place in the human race. How being black can be shameful and degraded to other people has been expressed by one of the students. Now this situation has been there ever since the independent civilisation has started or prior to that period. All started by the black students at the University of Michigan. They had shared their experiences of being black and the way they are treated by others.

The student union was formed by the black students, and they vividly expressed their traumatic experiences on daily life. It is really sad to see the poor reactions of people who belong the generation Y in the 21st century. It seems people have gone back to the primitive era when no was educated enough to distinguish the good and the bad. The society which is commonly known as urban, lives and breathes digitisation badly need to get out of it. The insensitive behaviours of people towards the black students question us the fundamental value and our education system.

In the time of Facebook Twitter and other social media, we are indeed way far behind in terms of moral education. The distressful day to day experiences that the black students go through are humiliating not to them but the rest of the society. It is a shameful instance that is damaging their spirit to live a normal life. They are as normal as rest of the society is and have all rights to be regarded as equal. This kind of treatment is nothing but psychologically harmful for anybody and should be taken care of by the leaders of the society or country. via businessinsider