The stand against violence

It has been prevailing ever since the ancient time, all the good doers do get punished in the end. No matter how much they try to stand by peace and love. The world has indeed turned violent in every possible way. Whoever wants to bring about a change in the society at large always has been slammed by the oppositions. People can go to any extent to stop something that they do not agree with. This is the case with the nun Mother Agnes Mariam, a resident of Syria. She also wheels an organisation which focuses on the subject reconciliation.

Mother Agnes has been working constantly for instigating peace in the world of Syria. She was attacked viciously on the internet. She was charged with character assassination and defamation. All was done only to stop her not to be able to share the platform of the international conference held against the war. Since she was vocal about the cruel reality in Syria, and her encounter with the ongoing incidents, she was accused nastily. She stood against all the wrongdoers with utter dignity which rose to the malicious attack on her in every possible way.

She was persuaded indirectly to withdraw her name from the international platform against war. She openly voiced about the brutal mass murder occurring in Syria because of a merciless tyrant. The dictator was even held responsible for killing people with chemical weapons. Mother Agnes raised her voice against it stated that without any international support he couldn’t have gone that far. She also protested against the government for not taking any strong action for the mass killing. This is why she had to face the criticism on the public front and victimised by the internet campaign. It is clearly evident that, whoever will try to emerge out of crime and spread the message of peace and love, will always be dominated by the wrongdoers. via rt