The most impactful TV series

It has been many decades that people are hooked on their favourite TV shows. It is more like an addiction that none of us seems to get over of. It is not only exciting to see your favourite characters and celebrities on screen but also a great fun to chit chat about it for hours. But what comes as the worst part is the ending. It does sadden us a lot not only by the means that we will be missing it and our favourite stars won’t appear on screen anymore. But it upsets us with the fact that once it is aired, the ending will linger on in our discussions.

So here we are talking about the famous TV series Eastbound & Down. How it ended and what are the best and worst parts of the series. The characters are distinct from each other; some made us proud while some made us laugh out loud. Like Kenny Powers as he chose his love April over fame in the third season. On the other hand, we have got Sacha Baron Cohen as a hilariously obnoxious person in chapter 29. We also have witnessed some of the unforgiving negative characters like Young, Stevie, Dixie in the fourth season. We did hate them to the fullest from the core of our heart.

In the last edition, Kenny managed to grab the soft corner of all of us, as he realised that he is the verge of losing his love, family and also himself. Cohen as usual stuck to his evil spirit that did make us frown. There were other characters as well who entertained us to stay glued to the TV series all throughout its seasons. This credit of this type TV series no doubt goes to the storytellers and makers. No matter how much we hated or loved each character in the series, it topped the list of our must watch program of all time. via uproxx