Compose music only tapping and waving the device

Gone are those days, when the musicians have to roam around everywhere tagging their guitar along. Now you can compose your own music and also modify other songs and music through the latest AUUG Motion controller. This device is compatible with all the versions iPhone launched in recent years. Such as 4s, 5, 5c, 5s and also it is supportable to the 5th generation of iPod. The motion controller comes along with the common app AUGG grip and also have right to use to the AUUG cloud. Basically, the structure is more like a skeleton case, with the appropriate size of your phone.
The skeleton case has few square shaped cuts windows that let you activate the AUUG app, via which you can recreate music simply by tapping your finger.

The app mainly manipulates other sounds and unable to create anything new. You can even practice other notes on the diatonic scale by selecting the instrument in a different app. Now, this is indeed your walking talking music station. The best of the device is, it is extremely hassling free to carry around and does not have much fuss to operate either. The device possesses high benefits it the very way it functions. It is built in a smart way to detect your movements through its hyperactive motion sensor.

It converts the detected movement into information that is capable of changing the music pitch, key, etc. This is an awesome device that can control various other instruments as well. It is useful specifically for those who have strong desires to compose music or to aspire to become musicians. You can operate this device and invent your new composition by touching the screen and waving it. It is mainly used in music videos to control the sound, modulate it as per choice. via laptopmag