British nuclear energy to attract South Korean Investors

South Korea is supposed to be the upcoming country to invest its stakes in the nuclear industry of the Great Britain. They are supposed to invest in the nuclear sector of the country after China and France and China. The latter countries signed a nuclear deal for the Hinkley Point situated in Somerset which created a huge wave in the global scenario of nuclear investment. This step can inject a controversy as because the nuclear industry based in Korea has been accused of issuing fake certification. In this case of deal between South Korea and United Kingdom, they have assured to restore the certification credibility and build a concrete link for this sector. Lloyd’s Register, the organization which is popular for managing of any company’s risk, has been recruited by the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company to aid Britain’s nuclear reactors with honest and transparent bills and reports.

Although the senior level executives of this London based company has said that this friendship is a two way deal which is ideal for the British to enter the market after China has invested in Hinkley Point. There are ongoing discussions which can elongate as far as twelve months since Korea is new in investing in the UK market. Prime Minister David Cameron in a meeting with the President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, in London made media headlines that they both have jointly agreed to diminish the nuclear weapon threat issued by North Korea.

Both the leaders of the two countries made a deal to raise commercial communications of the two countries, from financial services to nuclear power. Lloyd’s deal was agreed on sidelines that the two countries will provide all the possible help to provide for the safest btackling of the nuclear based deals. via theguardian