People get crazy for the Ramen Burger

Ramen Burger has currently become the talk of the town. Sounds interesting? Well, the fact is one of the popular chefs of NYC, Keizo Shimamoto’s special Ramen Burger is getting quite famous. People of NYC are going crazy for this particular food item. It has to turn out to be a big food craze amongst ever NYC food lover. But does Shimamoto’s Ramen Burger equaling Dominique Ansel’s cronut?
However, it appears so. People love Ramen and Burgers as well. And this is why the Ramen Burger has become extremely famous in NYC. However, numbers of people over there have tried the food item before, but according to the chef, it is something special that you have ever seen before.

The fresh USDA Ground Beef meat patty and it is sandwiched between the two cunningly formed buns that are made from a freshly cut ramen noodles. After making the basic step of this Ramen burger, it is accompanied by the special sauce which is invented by Keizo Shimamoto himself. According to the chef, along with being quite tasty and delicious the ramen burger is incredibly healthy for people.

It is stuffed with various fresh and healthy veggies. The fresh vegetables make this burger extremely healthy, the sauce and new stuff such as shoyu sauce, scallions, and arugula which make it incredibly tasty. According to the NYC people, it is quite delicious food item as evening snacks. The interesting part about this particular food is you will get two of your preferred items in it. A lot of people out there is a ramen lover, and a burger is their ultimate choice of every time. So, now you can enjoy the taste of both the items at a bite with this ramen burger. If you want to know more about this food item, you can open the given link. via timesunion