Decorate your pillows in an innovative manner

You might have recently come across the latest trend of home décor, cushions and pillows made with grain sack bags tied or stitched with hemp cord. It is a simple do it yourself project which you can pull off in matter of minutes, with the inclusion of the right available props. If you have seen the article of the French Blogger Elvezia, you will come to know that she was inspired for the project with the available old gray cotton sacks when she went to Benoit & Marie, the shop specialized in selling of stylish extras, off the coastal area of France. On returning home with the bags, she collected a few grommets, inserted few cushions and tied the ends together with hemp.

You just need the right size of grommet pliers for adding the grommets to your fabric. You can also get hold of them in various online websites. Add these pillows as the part of your living room as well your bedroom. They will give a rustic, vintage style to your home décor. These pillows, as remarked by Elvezia are really cozy and lovely. You can get the ideas from other websites as to how to make them and what props you need to make them. You can avoid the big deal of looking for the perfect linen fabric, and then the hectic process of printing, painting, or in some cases, stamping or such other thing.

You may not your sack cushions for a reasonable or affordable price on the online platform. So, you can instead make your own from the scratch. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can definitely make them. You find the right sacks of the right colors suitable enough to befit your home interior. Then put your cushions inside the sacks and stitch them tight enough to sustain your pillow fights and relaxations. via hgtv