Truth behind the kidnapping of the little girl with blue eyes

If we go by the medieval myths, Gypsies are claimed to steal or abduct children who were of much lighter complexion. This myth was refreshed in the minds of common people when in Greece, recently, the local police found a blonde girl in a Roma family. The little blonde girl Maria retold the tale of the existing racism and discrimination of Roma on a daily basis. Delibsi, the 17 year old married sister of Maria said that Maria was four years old, with visible remains of her umbilical cord when her Bulgarian mother gave her up to their family as she could not bear for her.

Delibsi, while talking about her lost sister, told the media about 16th October when Maria was taken away by ten local police officers. They banged on the door early in the morning and pulled Maria out of her sleep. One of the policemen yelled at them claiming that since the child was white, she did not belong to them. Little Maria did not cry. The police arrested the parents and they sat on the backseat of the squad car. Since that day, Delibsi, has been taking care of everything in her family, from her other sibling to their toys and bed. She is worried about Maria and wants to know what she is doing all by herself in the lonely city of Athens, inside an organization for children’s aid.

Delibsi says that the TV reports say that she is doing fine, but Delibsi still thinks Maria is not doing fine alone. TV stations are also conducting impossible searches to find about Maria’s biological family, and also her Bulgarian biological mother who gave her child to Delibsi’s parents. The family has collected funds from the local Roma community in the hope to find her mother so that they can prove their innocence. via spiegel