Vietnams Bloody Defeat of China

Numerous scientists and technologists have joined Sir Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in the signing of an open letter. The letter is all about warning against the dangers of artificial intelligence. The have appealed the research team to avoid their work on the implementation of artificial intelligence or robots into the human world. The open letter has been drafted by the Future of Life Institute, as the reports say. It has been signed by hundreds of technologists, academics and scientists, pleading the scientific community to not to invest only in research for making positive decisions and plans for the upcoming age, but also to check how the artificially intellectual beings can affect the future.

The research has shown remarkable success in recognizing different aspects of these futuristic beings. They have the ability of recognizing speech, classifying images, translating the machinery language, location legging and also answering of questions. The researchers have also argued that these artificial being can be used to uproot and eradicate disease and poverty. The open letter demanded to include the objective of societal benefit into the systems of artificial beings. It really intriguing how these beings can really assist the human existence, if they are programmed correctly?

The research documents have said that, in near future artificial beings can have a huge impact on the society in the areas of computers, security, law, medicine, economics and also, philosophy and may also have impact on the social communities. Scientists have suggested that AI should be able to go through the works of the laborers. This would impact hugely on the economy, if the so called working class becomes automated. Scientists have also asked the researchers to look into the matter of public security so that the robots do not become lethal for the human beings and their existence. via rfa