The concoction of technology and design

The artistic mind has immense possibilities to turn the world upside down with its creativity. It is almost like creative people have those eyes to see the word in a new light. Any kind of invention has born out of creative mind and an extraordinary vision. So the art is not only pleasing us for decades, but it has shown the path to making life better and easy. Now, what about the creation and design that has soothed the eyes as well as helped medical science in a progressive way? It has indeed helped families to keep a track record of vaccination of their babies.

We are talking about the Peace Contest in 3D printers. Technology has been envisioned and utilised in a creative way with innovative designs. The owner of the first position of this contest was John Van Tuyl from Hamilton. He invented VaxBeads, the colourful plastic blocks which are to be used as a record of vaccination. The distinct colours and figures are representing individual vaccines. The date of birth of the child, his initials and another identifying numbers are to be printed on the plastic blocks. So that it can be worn as a necklace to keep the record of immunisation and lasts longer than paper.

The second place of the contest went to Matthew Courchaine, who invented a water purification cone with solar power. The Michigan student of computer engineering along with electrical has made it keeping a noble cause in mind. The cone is configured to be useful during disasters, also in places where getting clean water is rare. It will function with sunlight and also required to have the supply of water. The third prize winner was Aaron Meidinger, who designed the unique Braille tablet. It will be useful for both sighted and blind persons to communicate by arranging tiles. via newswise