Fixya shines as the #1 QandA website on the online platform

Fixya is a question and answer website that deals with the compilation of fix it requests of the users. The fixing advices range from items like cars, hardware tools to routers and other computer related problems. In the recent scenario, the website has turned its attention to mobile based browsers. It is reported that they have looked through a total of 61,582 help requests in the category for determining the top browser based on the score of usability.

The winner was Apple’s Safari for iOS. In certain cases, the result was obvious though. A higher score, as obvious, is better in every step. The score is taken up for calculation with the help of the software developer impressions found on the Fixya, followed by normalization of market division among the competitors for further comparison and the total is then further divided by the market ratio. Fixya combined and analyzed the data it received from the problematic impressions on its website. It also combined its raw data with that of the market share data from NetMarketShare and formed a scorecard based on the usability. The higher the score is, the lower will be its problematic impressions on Fixya.

Fixya perceived a connection to total market division of a browser. Safari was seen to be at 1.31. The stock Android browser stood way behind at 0.87. Opera stood at 0.70 and Chrome was captured in 0.64. Internet Explorer was captured at 0.28. In the case of Safari, most of the issues were regarding the lack of support of flash in the mobile browser alongside UI. Although,, most of the scores were gathered just before the release of iOS 7. It was done this way so that the manufacturers can work on these issues and fix them for the customers so that they do not have to deal with any more of the issues of the platform. via engadget