Review of From Here to Eternity

Based on the novel of James Jones’s 800 page novel, the play ‘From Here to Eternity’ is the story about the life based on the Hawaiian army camp in the run up of to wage attack on the Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Critics have praised it in two words, ‘Highly Professional’. The dedication of the whole team which includes the lyrics of Tim Rice and Music of Stuart Brayson and also Bill Oakes as the book writer, an individual is left with two questions, viz, why did the play take place now? What is the music doing in this story at all?

The first question is extremely tough to answer though. In the version written by Oake, the story is very gritty than that of in 1953 of directed by Fred Zinnemann which had the connected fates of three soldiers. The story revolves around Robert E Lee Prewitt who is an extremely tough private suffering from refusal to get joined in the boxing team of the regiment. He falls for a dancer at the local New Congress Club. Milt Warden, the sergeant of the company also an outsider belonging to the working class has a serious affair with the wife of his captain. He resists her constant plea of joining the officer’s class. The last but not the least character of the play is an American and Italian chancer called Angelo Maggio who suffers ill fate in punishment stockade.

The show although, is executed with immense skills. Brayson’s musical compositions circles around verities of scenario which include military chorales, blue based solos and the native Hawaiian hula. The music could have a little more room to breathe though. Romantic ballad like ‘Love Me Forever Today’ is strangled by the fact that Maggio had unfathomable inclination towards his army. via theguardian