The war which is not known to all

It may not be known to all, but China once lost a war, which was vital for their country’s expansion. The war was against Vietnam in the year 1979. This facet of Vietnam is not recognized. It involves the country’s effort to defeat the cruel and rogue neighbors of Khmer Cambodia after the United States of America withdrew her troops from Vietnam’s surface. After this, China tried to invade Vietnam but lost and retreated in the matter of 29 days.

During the Vietnam war, America captured Cambodia which serves as the border to Northern and Southern Vietnam. The Communist forces were fighting against the American Military forces. The North Vietnamese Army, Viet Cong Guerillas took advantage of Cambodia as their refuge and passage way-out. They planned to enter the country from the northern side and confront the US forces based on the southern Vietnam. In the year 1973, a cease fire was called and finally in 1975, the US troops withdrew their forces from the country. China previously was a big supporter of Vietnam until its war with US. It even remained under the communist rule of Hanoi. But as the war started, China took away its support over Vietnam. At the time when Vietnam was fighting France in 1950, the recently launched communist party in China and Viet Minh shared a friendly relationship. The Democratic republic of China and Viet Minh together fought and defeated the French troop.

The Soviets backed Vietnamese in a war to defeat Pol Pot in Cambodia which followed a massive genocide. The people’s republic of China supported Pol Pot against USSR. The USSR in return supported Vietnam for the genocide of Khmer. The only thing missing in the 29 days of war from China’s side, war the use of aircraft. China was defeated by the Vietnamese army across major Vietnamese border areas and failed to show its force against the USSR and Vietnam. via salem-news