Latest discovery on carbon capture in the power plants

There are a huge number of projects which are associated with counting of the capture of carbon dioxide emission of coal based power plants. According to their latest reports, the coal power based countries showed a relative loss of momentum in the lower-emitting economy. It dropped from 75 to 65 since 2012. These projects have been triggered intensely due to gradual effects of global warming and change of climatic conditions throughout the world. These phenomenons have triggered each and every country of the world to reduce the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. The CCS or carbon dioxide storage and capture is a vital process to meet the emission reduction targets of the gas.

This process involves the capturing of the waste carbon dioxide and large sources like fossil fuel powered plants and factories and transporting all of it to storage site and deposit them into a [place where they will not be able to get mixed into the atmosphere. These structures are generally geological formations. The aim solely to prevent the emission of large amount of carbon dioxide in the environment to mitigate the share of the gas emitted from fossil fuels adding into the process of global warming and in some cases, the acidification of ocean bodies.

It is an undeniable fact that carbon dioxide has been mixing in the environment since several ages, in the process of oil recovery, but the process of storing carbon from reaching the environment is a new concept of ecological preservation. Carbon dioxide can be captured from air of power plants using fossil fuels as power source by using of flue gas absorption, adsorption processes and membrane gas separation. Amines comprise of the mostly used carbon scrubbing technology. Capturing of Co2 and compressing them have also been said to be meeting the energy need of human civilization. via thinkprogress