Designing the bus stop at Los Angeles

When an outdoor media company, two nonprofit art based organizations and the office of the city council’s member come together, you get a super attractive public art Project. This project took place in the Los Angeles city where after the adoption of a new Mural Ordinance, 14th District Councilmember and strong name of open art Jose Huizar intended to take up a project of public art in the district. To make it a reality, Huizar, along with his director of planning Tanner Blackman made an approach to the executive director of the Do ArT Foundation, Carmen Zella to come up with ideas.

On interviewing Zella, it was found that Tanner already had the idea that Do ArT was always keen on taking up public art which will also helped in carrying out their idea of mural work for the district. When they came back from Montreal, the hub of public and also street arts, Tanner and Huizar discussed their ideas of setting up the project and carry it out in the most efficient way. They also decided to partner with Mouvement Art Public, a nonprofit art house based at Montreal, known for creating public modern art.

They started by recuperating the unsold spaces of bus benches around the L.A downtown and the organizations brought along the works of two photographers. In this series by artist Jon Rafman, he searches and exhibits the contrasting and complelling pictures of Google Street View. Mexcan artist Dulce Pinzon’s ’eal Stories of Superheroes paid homage to the unsung heroes by creating them into caped soldiers. Bothe the photo artists pushed their limits beyond their eperiences of the extraordinary. Their works are very fitting for the project. They successfully captured the beauty of running on a lonely highway. This art art of everyday life, for the lives of every day people. via petapixel