Jimmy Kimmel’s survey on Obamacare

TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel is never the shy one to approach the common people on the streets regarding any social abnormality, and this time, it is the most debated topic of the United States of America, Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. This time, Kimmel sent his correspondent on the streets and he shoved the camera of people’s face asking their opinions about Obamacare, but of course, in Kimmel’s own style of twist and turn. This time, Kimmel went with the process of asking people their choice of the health plans. Basically, these two are the same thing. There is no particular difference in these two health plans, but in his survey, we found out people picking their differences with their own theory of difference. Many of them even stuttered in explaining their choice.

When Kimmel’s correspondents asked the people, what they preferred, the Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, the answers were more inclined towards their political preference rather than their choice of health plans. A person even chose the Affordable Care Act instead of Obamacare citing the reason as his partner did not support Obama, so they went for that plan. It is really perplexing to know that majority of the people do not know the difference of most vital necessity of their health.

Jimmy Kimmel has again proved that when it comes to choosing, the public is all about the phrase, ‘it’s all in the name’. The difference is actually based on the ignorance of the people of the country. The Affordable Care Act or The Obamacare was put into being by the former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama in the March of 2010. And now, Jimmy, ‘the man of the street interviews’ has hit the street again with his mischievous mirror of conscience showing how people need to know more about their basic needs. via uproxx