This ‘Carrie’ and ‘Cinderella’ Trailer Mash-Up Is Pretty Great

Carrie is a horror film based on the classic novel of same name by Stephen King. Screen play of the film was written by Lawrence D. Cohen and it was directed by Brian De Palma. Paul Monash produced the film. The plot is all about a girl having her first period in a gym. Other girls started bullying her and she got panicked. Returning home she was also rebuked by her mother who believed that menstruation happens due to sinful thoughts and locked Carrie to pray for forgiveness. There are many turns and twists in the story as Carrie took revenge against bullies. At the end she was stabbed by her mother and ultimately she crucified her mother.

This classic film has been newly adapted for Halloween and is already in the theater. Chloe Grace Moretz played the role of the supernatural girl and Julianne Moore played the role of the mother. In the new version many things like beepers and slapping bracelets were included. The film Cinderella was produced by Walt Disney in 1950. Plot of this film also concerns an unfortunate girl who lost her parents early and had to work as a maid for her stepmother. Although no one loved her and tried to keep her away from the party, Cinderella managed to attend that and ultimately married the Prince.

Mash-up master You Tube Cracker 76 mixed the audio from the Carrie trailer with the video of the animated Cinderella for creating the recreated Carrie trailer. The ultimate effect was too eerie as it combined two young women of supernatural powers with two menacing mothers in two fateful social gatherings. When Carrie was written, King was thinking the character as a strange take on Cinderella. This brilliant concoction has gone viral. Visit the page for watching the video. via uproxx