Abott’s referendum election and failure

Politicians declare various things for the mass and expect them to support their decision but always they don’t get a positive answer. Tony Abbott has gone through such situation. He disclosed that the election of the year 2013 was the referendum of the carbon tax. But as the result of that the people did not go to give the tax but they preferred to be at their home. For this announcement the Australian nationwide vote made a history and there were 2 million people out of 14 million preferred to pay the fine but did not go to give their votes. This incident occurred on 7th September in Australia.

We all know that controlling climate pollution how much important is and we also know that the carbon reduction and planting trees are important to stay in a healthy way. Politics leader Tony Abbott has disclosed that only in coming three years there will be no carbon tax in Australia and it was the reason of the vote. People decided to stay at the home in place of voting the poll. His decision is criticized and opposed by the Green party, Labor Party and other minor parties. They stood against the abolishing of the carbon tax.

The pro-carbon price senators received more votes from the enrolled voters than the anti carbon price. To pass the bill of the carbon tax, Tony needed to get 39 votes. Tony has introduced the “Direct Action Plan” to reduce the carbon tax. But his plan is not appreciated by the mass of Australia. People preferred to stay at their homes rather than going to vote against the negative campaigning of the Australian Prime Minister. They never supported the referendum election in Australia. The numbers of the voters has become fewer in the recent days in Australia. via theguardian