The big mistake

Newspapers and television channels have always some silly mistakes regarding presenting news. But this time the mistake has been made for a longer period of time. And that too the weather report. It has been in witness that many big news channels have made mistakes on silly things. But the duration of their mistakes are rarely a minute or a day. But the news channel of Japan as made news by broadcasting the wrong news for a period of four months. This is one of the major mistakes that have been made by any major news channels found so far.

The news channel has been providing the wrong report of the weather report for so long period of time. It was first made into news by a newspaper of that country and after that it has been taken into consideration by the officials of that news channel. At the very beginning the authorities of the news channel does not provide any reason to the questions. They used to avoid the questions and only provide news that has been the important one. The reporters also keep mum regarding the issue and concentrates on the subject matter that has been provided to them for that section.

After a tremendous pressure from the different sections of the society the authorities has open their mouth. It has been told by them that due to an accident this has been occur. A change has been done on the softwares of the systems that were updated in the month. This has caused some trouble to the machines and so the functioning of the machine does not work properly. But there has been a question that has been made by the antagonist that all these reports are not seen by the experts or it has been made for a purpose. The answer is yet to get. via en.rocketnews24