A cease to the voice

Ceasing the voices has been making one of the problems of the world. These problems have been created by the people who believe in a certain methodology. For this reason there are many people who are losing their lives. One of the most important aspects of world the journalists, too are badly affected regarding this problem. In the recent day it has been found that many journalists at the very tender age lost their lives in the hands of these people. The most recent example is Haji Abdul Razzaq Baloch.

The 35 year old journalist was working in the Daily Tawar as a copy editor. The journalist was last seen on March 24 leaving a friend’s house. After that there were many searches going on. But there was no trace of the journalist in any parts of the country or in any place. At last on 24th March the journalist has been found dead on Surjani Town of Baluchistan. Investigators has reported that there were quite marks of torture all around the body and the cause of death, according to the forensic department caused due to strangulation. Along with Baloch another body too was found with paper slips that covers the names of these two bodies.

The paper with whom Baloch was associated covered news stories mainly of rival groups and the problems. For quite a long time people from the area of Baloch have been found to be missing. Although the authorities tell that they are investigating the case but people of that area claim that there were no result. The Surjani Town zone of Karachi has also been in news due to the unavoidable circumstances. Sources tell that for the past six months there was no improvement of that place and many people were missing whose trace have not been found till date. via bbc