Predicting the box office before release

Box office is one of the most important elements for the movie business. Whether is good or bad is totally predicted by the business that the box office shows. Mnay film makers and many production houses made films that have been the requirement of the people by pre-reviewing the box office. But many times it has been found that the income of the film goes down or making a good business that does not match the box office statement. In the present day a same problem is going to be faced by one of the biggest summer movies of Hollywood. This prediction has been made by the Walt Disney production house.

The film has been a reunion of Johnny Depp as Tonto after many years. This film will also start Armie Hammer in the second lead. But it has been found by the Walt Disney production house that the film will not work according to the requirements and the criteria that the people want from this film. This will be one of the top most flops of film industry covering the globe. The film has been halted for many months due to the excess budget that has been made to shot the film.

After the release of the film it has been found that the film really sinks as it has been predicted by the production house. With the Superman franchise running parallel on the other side the box office prediction shows that the film was not up to the standard and the people did not take much attention to watch the film after the first day show. Deep who has been one of the biggest attractions of the film in an interview to the press said that the reviews of the movie made it one of the biggest flops. Hammer, too accepted the quotation made by Depp. via theguardian