Women empowerment

Women empowerment has been one of the hottest topics that have been discussed worldwide by different personalities. But there is a little bit of scope that has been provided to the women in the 21st century. But it was for the first time that the world is going to face the women empowerment in a new way. The PBS which is one of the most reputed channels and has been watched by people all over the globe will see Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff as the new cohost of the News hour. This programme is one of the channels most favorite and long running shows which have been aired at the night time.

According to a spoke person of the channel this will bring a dimension to empowerment the women in the field of news. For the first time the channel be providing one of the biggest platforms to the women to show the world that there are no differences between a women and a men. With the addition, one of the anchors will be black in color which will also difference the racial discrimination. This platform was taken over by the two most stalwarts in the yesteryear. But one of the anchors left the show and the other anchor retires after a few years which were then took over by other news anchors. According to the viewers these two ladies were making the show quite interesting and their way of presenting the show are quite impressive than the others.

These two ladies have already a known face in the television industry. They have made shows that for other channels in the recent past. Therefore getting these women plays an additional benefit to the channel and surprisingly it has made everyone hooked on the show from different parts of the world. via jezebel